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Over the years we have created various e-books, research reports and books. Here they are pulled together in one place so you can easily choose what you need.

There are workbooks, video courses, psychometric tests and the findings from the various research projects we've carried out into how small companies use the internet to promote themselves and collaborate with each other.

Much of it you won't find elsewhere - so we hope you find it all useful.


The Book collection includes 2 books by Dr Alan Rae - Social Media for Real Businesses - a workbook to help you make sure your use of Social Media supports the rest of what you are doing and Growing Jobs which is about small business HR. Business Wise includes Essays on different aspects of business from 19 experienced entrepreneurs while LEAP is the latest view on managing businesses from Dudley Lynch, author of the best selling "Strategy of the Dolphin".



The Booklet collection includes 3 self assessment psychometrics - the BrainMap which looks at how we think, the MindMaker6 tool which assesses our value systems based on the ideas of the Graves Spiral, and the Path Primer which helps us work through the issues involved in choosing a direction for ourselves. These are all devised by Dudley Lynch.

The MD's Guide to the networked Economy is a a booklet written by Dr Alan Rae for the UK governments UK Online for Business project. While the tools have changed, the principles are still the same.



20 Business Stories e-book - Dr Alan Rae - Free download based on 40 years business experience - 80 pages of the view from the trenches.

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A bit about me.

Dr Alan Rae

My name is Alan Rae. I've set up and run 4 companies since 1981 and now I'm chairman of our family horticultural business. I teach entrepreneurial marketing courses at a couple of business schools and give business advice to many small companies based on my own experiences and those of the many other companies I've worked with or done research for.

You can find out more about me here on this site , here on my own site, or on Linked-In.


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