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Dr Alan Rae

Mentoring with Dr Alan Rae

Alan is an experienced consultant and mentor based on having been running small businesses since 1981 backed up with the findings from the numerous research projects into small business behaviour that he's carried out with the Business Schools at Brunel, Royal Holloway and Southampton Universities. .

Alan's career has covered engineering, IT and business advice and he has started up and run 4 successful businesses. He is currently Chairman of the family horticultural business at Fletching Glasshouses and acts as the Regional Director for the Branduin Business Support network.

He has been actively mentoring and monitoring 20 small businesses via West Sussex County Council's Be the Business grant project and he is an accomplished Growth Accelerator Coach.

Most of his work is about strategic planning and sales and marketing. He was elected a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2006 and has served both as regional chair for the South East and on the CIM's professional body board. In 2010 he was appointed horticultural workforce champion and carried out a review of best practice in production horticulture HR. This was turned into a book, Growing Jobs which is available via it's own web site along with some case studies both as PDFs and as videos.

More details of his work on small business research and training programme development can be found at the Ai Consultants site. The results of a successful collaborative project with Brunel and RHUL management schools can be seen at the Punch above Your Weight site


Thomas Power [ 12-Jun-08 9:05am ] | Delete

Giant Mind. Giant Heart. Giant.


Thoroughly recommended.

Patrick Oliver [ 6-Jun-08 4:55pm ] | Delete

A man who knows what he is talking about, can explain clever ideas to luddites like me.

Marketing Advice Fraser Hay [ 31-May-08 5:35pm ] | Delete

A seasoned player, a heart as big as a beach ball, and a walking marketing encyclopedia. He's been there. Done it, and created the Youtube video about it too. Wholeheartedly recommended. 10/10. (and believe me, I don't do that often on here)

Andy "A&P" Szebeni [ 26-May-08 8:30pm ] | Delete
Alan is one of those few intellectuals that can make a subject accessible and easily appreciated. He has a huge brain and a big heart and I would recommend any time you can get with him to understand some of the philosophy and practical aspects of marketing your business online. I class him as a good friend and a valuable contact and I recommend his expertise to any business looking to make themselves look bigger than they really are.

Leon Hutchinson [ 20-May-08 3:16pm ] | Delete

Alan definitely knows his stuff....Highly recommended

Andrew Wilcox [ 17-May-08 8:14am ] | Delete

A great guy. Who understands marketing and shares his knowledge freely with his network.

David Walters [ 5-May-08 2:05pm ] | Delete


Is a great asset to this community. Knowledgeable, helpful and generous to a fault - Alan is always available to help when you need clarity in your business vision.

Connect with him and you'll benefit from the wisdom of a true gentleman.


Ivor Murray [ 15-Apr-08 10:59am ] | Delete

A long overdue testimonial for one of the best people in Ecademy.

Alan is always warm and friendly, erudite and charming. He is great fun to be with and I always enjoy meeting up with him.

I've attended his 'Punch Above Your Weight' workshop which provided a wonderful insight into internet marketing - highly recommended.

It's great to know you Alan, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


David Cole[ 19-Mar-08 4:25pm ] | Delete

Alan. I just wanted to say how impressed I was that you allowed me (as an amateur in on-line marketing) to come to my own conclusions without being bombarded with info. This clearly is an area with a glut of info. There are few that realise the value of being able to learn at our own pace.
Once again, thanks and can I suggest we have another session looking at my new adwords campaign?


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