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Your Delivery Plan.

The operational section of your business plan deals with how you are actually going to deliver the offer(s) that you have created. You have to start from where you are and develop a way of working that lets you

It's the operational plan that does the heavy lifting for this. It has to answer questions like

Can we deliver it?

What Resources do we have? What do we need? You need to include IT infrastructure as well as plant and premises.

What partnerships do we need to build to make this happen. Who specifically do we need to contact and how are we going to meet them?

How much funding do we need to trial this , to launch it, to scale it?

What premises do we need – how can we secure them?

What people do we need to create and then deliver the offer?

You will need to include major milestones and being specific about who is going to do what when.

You need to be sure that whatever you construct is robust enough to stand replicating to people who don’t fully understand the rationale behind it. This is critically important in that your brand value or reputation depends on your performance as it will do if you are selling services rather than products.

What is our business model?

How do we connect our resources and skills to the customer?

What routes to market do we need?

How do we charge?

What is our value proposition - how do we charge the amount that gives the optimum return and how do we make that attractive to our customers?

How do we stand against our competitors? What makes us uniquely useful or helpful to our customers?

Finding and communicating good answers to these questions is a key part of gettting your business off the ground.

If you would like some help with this please request a copy of our business plan template and let us know which parts of your business planning you would like help with.

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