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How to manage your staff

After marketing and raising finance, getting, keeping and Growing jobs book covermotivating the right staff is always the hardest part of any business to get right. If you are selling services you need to spend 80% of your time, energy and marketing budget keeping your own people on message.

Getting this right means a solid induction process to set expectations, tools like employee handbooks and the HR basics and a proactive attitude to appraising how people are doing and building their training needs systematically into your business plan.

Getting high performance from staff means - engagement, remuneration and basic HR good practice. All the evidence shows that the most effective of these is the basic HR good practice.

If you are interested in knowing more about this and how you can apply it you can visit our Growing Jobs page or buy the handbook here

If you would like some help rather than just information we can help you work through our systematic HR planning part of our overall entrepreneurial business plan - you can request it here.

. It will help you answer questions like

What people do you need to recruit when to meet your timetable?

How will you define the skills and attitudes you need to sustain the growth of the business?

What induction process will you put in place - company handbook, contracts etc?

What risk assessments and other Health and Safety provisions will you make?

How will you implement annual appraisals and training reviews?

What are your routines for communicating with your workforce - daily, weekly, monthly, annually?

How will you communicate your story to instill your culture and values throughout the organisation?

How will you review responsibilities and identify skills gaps - what gaps do you need to plug?

How are you to continue to motivate and develop the staff? Mental Models, Shared knowledge, Team Learning?

How will you identify and overcome resistance to change?

What KPis would you use to assess the degree of engagement of the workforce?

How will you identify future change points and how you will need to motivate and stabilise staff through the transition?

If you need help with these or any other questions please telephone us on 0845 094 0407 or visit our Growing Jobs site where you can find some case studies as videos and PDFs.


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