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Our Founder Dr Alan Rae

Who am I

Dr Alan Rae

Dr Alan Rae. Once upon a time I was a plant scientist. Mostly I've been in business but I worked in Business Support for 4 years in the late 90s. I help businesses grow based on my own experience and the research projects I've done which have been turned into workbooks and training programmes and made available to you via this site.

What value can I deliver for you

I apply common sense, experience of growing businesses and practicality to help you decide what to do next - and how to achieve it.

Business is basically quite simple. You have to find something that people want to buy, tell them about it and organise the means to give it to them without going bust in the process.

Profit is the small number that is the difference between costs and sales. If you use technology to work smarter you can reduce costs and boost sales with a big effect on profit.

Getting more sales means integrating face to face and online activity in a way that suits YOUR business not somebody else's. I'm pretty good at this - I've had a lot of practice.

What I do now.

What I've done in the past.

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