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There are many psychometric tests available to you. Which should you use?

The BrainMap is an easy to use yet powerful model of how you and your colleagues think and behave. It will help you with your communication skills and so improve your ability to persuade customers and colleagues to work with you. It's a simple paper based system.. It needs no accreditation and takes about half an hour to complete and score.

Want to learn more about the BrainMap?

Some psychometrics are aimed at helping you recruit, others are aimed at self knowledge or to help you build an effective team. But perhaps the main practical use is to help you communicate better.

Much of what we do in business is to motivate other people to work with us. As customers or as co-workers. If we tell the story inside the company it's called leadership and if we tell it outside its called marketing.

However we all tend to fall into the trap of believing that other people think like us. But they don't.

All the evidence shows that you get better results if you talk to people in language that makes sense to them. But to home in on this you need a model which is simple enough to be easy to understand and to use but at the same time being rich enough to help you deal with the way that people really think and behave. This inexpensive tool will help you with this.




How the BrainMap works.

This model uses the language of brain quadrants. A bias for thought from the frontal lobes vs a bias for action from the "old brain". And a focus on pattern - right brain thinking vs a focus on detail - left brain thinking.

Although this is a bit simplistic, it does identify the characteristic biases that people have in the way they see the world - and the way they talk about it.

So each quadrant represents a characteristic signature for the individual - these are labled I-explore, I-control, I-pursue and I-preserve and reflect a basic motivation of the person.

The BrainMap is an easy to score document that allows you to self-assess yourself and your team. It produces a pattern like the one above to show the relative balance of the four quadrants in a person's make up and gives the net centre from where they tend to operate. So the individual in the example above is a net explorer with a preference for thought over action but nevertheless has all of the bases quite well covered. This quite a common pattern for a small business owner.

Why is the BrainMap useful?

It takes about half an hour to fill in and provides a large amount of information about your thinking style - and those with whom you work. It explains to you the primary biases and motivations of people with a given quadrant profile. It tells you their characteristic behaviour patterns and explains what their emotional drivers are and how they are likely to behave if they get blocked.

So it's useful in working out narratives for marketing purposes and for helping you get the best out of your team.

One thing that you can do is to create a team brainmap. It makes an effective start to a team awayday to get everyone to do it and then stand in the position of their centre of gravity on a large map. It will tell you straight away how balanced your team is and will engage people from the word go.

What else does the BrainMap tell you?

  • Describes the subtleties of different combinations of strengths
  • Assesses what the position of the central balance point means
  • Suggests what your problem solving skills might be
  • Outlines the individual's area of focus and what approaches give the best results
  • Suggests ways to develop areas of additional strength.

If you run a business, The BrainMap is a great tool for giving you the communications and other workaday insights you need. I have been using it as part of my work with businesses for over 10 years now. I like it because it’s inexpensive, and the model has a solid logical and scientific basis. It’s powerful and easy to understand. And it’s practical and easy to apply. So I've built its ideas into my marketing courses, and, and into some leadership courses that I run. And I've used it extensively with customers ranging from sole traders to Virgin Atlantic.

Interested? Why not buy one to try here.

If you like it you can buy as many or as few as you like directly from ourselves as the authorised distributor for the UK. To discuss your needs in more detail please ring 01825 724282

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